The best advice

Turns out it might be exactly what you think.

The best advice
Photo by Andrea De Santis / Unsplash

I came across this quote while perusing the book, Basic Flower Painting Techniques in Watercolor by Rachel Rubin Wolf:

“Don’t listen to any of this advice if it doesn’t sound right for you. That goes for any other advice you may have heard. Watercolor painting is a very personal experience. You are in charge. Have faith in your own ability to know what works for you.”

What a great reminder! How many times has our creative engine been ground to a halt by our fears of getting things “wrong”? Just as in life, there is no one size that fits us all when it comes to the creative process. Use what works to help you achieve your vision and ditch the rest.

Moreover, advice that served you well a year ago might not necessarily serve you now…and advice that works for you now might not serve you a year from now. As quoted from Rachel Rubin Wolf above, “Have faith in your own ability to know what works for you.”

…even if that advice came from you.

The creative process should serve you — not the other way around. Are you being weighed down by advice that’s doing more harm than good? If so, chuck it...or don’t...after all, this advice might not be right for you.