Embracing impermanence

How windowscapes have helped me with overthinking

Embracing impermanence
Photo by uriel / Unsplash

Yesterday, I shared about how windowscapes can help with overthinking as I have a tendency to overthink and know many others who do as well.

I believe the real magic of windowscapes is showing up and embracing the impermanent nature of nature itself. You can’t pre-paint tomorrow’s sky or catch up on yesterday’s sky all you can do is show up in the moment, and do so before the moment passes. There’s something about this that has helped me worry a lot less about this process and truly be present for my daily practice of gazing at the morning sky.

Just like every day of our lives, every windowscape will be different. Tomorrow could be sunny and blue, it could be cloudy, it could be grey, it could be stormy. There’s no shortcut to tomorrow and there’s only one way I know of to face it right:

I show up.

I do my best.

That’s all I can do.

Sometimes, my rendering of the sky doesn’t turn out as I’d hoped, but when I know I’ve done my best, there’s a sense of relief in accepting what I’ve made and moving on to the next moment.

The next day, it’s the same formula: I show up. I do my best. That’s all I can do…

…and that’s all you can do, too.

What do you show up for each day? I hope you make time to show up for yourself, too.