365 Skies (2024)

I’m at it again for Round 2 of 365 Skies! Follow along as I paint a windowscape each day throughout 2024.

365 Skies (2024)

Follow along as I paint a windowscape each day throughout 2024. This is my second consecutive year of my 365 Skies challenge, and I’ve tweaked this year’s format to be much more flexible – and portable!

I began painting windowscapes (aka “skyscapitos”, or mini skyscapes) in late October 2022 and enjoyed the process so much I decided to commit to painting a windowscape each morning throughout the entire year of 2023. I completed my 2023 goal, and now I’m at it again for Round 2 of 365 Skies (or, 365 x 2 = 730 skies!) in 2024! 😅

I’ll post handy references, updates, and completed windowscapes (see bottom of this post) here on an ongoing basis. Be sure to bookmark this page if you’d like to follow along (and, if you do, thanks!).

I also post windowscape paintalongs on my YouTube channel and live paintalongs on my @brookenoticed Instagram account if you’d like to follow along there.

A watercolor windowscape paintalong demonstration on my YouTube channel.

Gratitude cards + highlights

For the the first quarter of 2024, I wrote on the back of each day’s sky 1. something from that day for which I was grateful, and 2. a highlight from that day. In theory, I loved this idea, but in practice, I began noticing that adding these notes directly onto my windowscape cards was interrupting my practice of adding this information to my daily journal. Since I prefer to see these reflections in context with all of my other life journal entries, I now write most of these reflections directly into my journal.

I post my favorite gratitude entry and highlight for each week on Instagram whenever I share a new week of skies. Here’s an example:

I share my favorite gratitude and highlight each week on Instagram. This week’s featured gratitude card was for March 20th for my husband's support of all my hair-brained (and likely unending) art kit spec experiments. The man is the embodiment of patience. 🥰


I’ve modified this year’s windowscape format significantly from 2023’s format and will publish a separate article outlining my supplies including the paper I use, my selection of watercolor paints, my favorite brushes for painting windowscapes, and more in a future newsletter post which I’ll share here on Life Noticed. To be notified once that goes live, I invite you to subscribe to Life Noticed (it’s free and I promise to never spam you), or, circle back here in the future to find the link once it’s been posted.


2024 Windowscapes

An ongoing record of this year’s windowscapes. All entries are for Discovery Bay, California, unless otherwise indicated. Updated every ~1-2 weeks.


Many of you have reached out to me over the past year to share that you have also begun painting daily skies and I love seeing your work! If you share your skies on Instagram, please feel free to tag me @brookenoticed and I’ll do my best to follow along. Please note I might not see ever notification, but I do try.

Thank you so very much for your interest in this ongoing project and for all your support! It has been a labor of love and I am glad to have undertook it. If you decide to try painting windowacapes, I encourage you to tailor it to what works best for you. There are no rules...the sky’s the limit!