Interview: 1% Daily

I was recently asked to share more about habits, overcoming obstacles, and how I stay consistent.

Interview: 1% Daily
Photo by Drew Beamer / Unsplash

I was recently asked by 1% Daily to share about my habits, struggles, and how I stay consistent. 1% Daily is a blog by Squad about atomic habit building, self-improvement, productivity, and growth mindset.

In this article, I shared about the following (plus a little more):

  • How I remain consistent
  • My biggest productivity challenge
  • How I deal with struggles and what I do when I feel “stuck”
  • My top productivity tips

You can read the full interview here.

I invite you to check out the 1% Daily blog and read more interviews by other individuals who are also passionate about habit change and growth mindset.

The Squad app is an accountability tracker designed to help groups achieve daily goals through realistic and measurable actions with the support of others.

Much thanks to 1% Daily for the feature!

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